Vesterlyng Camping has four luxury cabins (Category 5A), each 25 sqm with a covered terrace, equipped kitchen, microwave, TV, toilet / bath, and otherwise all modern amenities and a fantastic views over the sea.

The cabins are furnished with a double bedroom, a loft and a sofa bed and can be inhabited by up to six persons.

And then in 2009 we build five brand new 17 sqm camping cabins (Category 3) each with two rooms: bedroom / double bed and living room with sofa bed, TV, atea-kitchen and a terrace.


Luxury Cabin

Isolated perennial cabin for 6 people.
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Camping Cabin

Isolated camper cabin for 4 persons.
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Caravan Altea 542 PK

Big, roomy family caravan for 6 people.
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