Kids Only

Camping is for kids!

At Vesterlyng Camping you can have loads of fun and it is the very right place to make new friends.

You can whoosh 'round on the different playgrounds, swim in the sheltered bay, jump on our large bouncing cushion, enjoy the excitement with a moon car ride, try the long cable car - or maybe join in on the daily feeding of our friendly and curious animals.

We look forward to see you!

rollespilFunny games outside and inside

The best about being on a camp trip is that we have plenty of time to play and do funny things together.

Here you can find ideas for different activities.
You are welcome to print them and bring them here, when you arrive.

Do you know the tree?

Hug a tree
What does not belong in the nature?

Food over an open fire

Food made over an open fire just taste better. You can easily use your grill too - there is something special with fire and embers and smoke!

Here you can see some good ideas for delicious things that can be done outside. Just remember to get an adult to help.

Marshmallows on a stick
Twistbread in many ways



Hilbert is Vesterlyngs mascot. He is a small, happy shrimp, who has jumped up from the beach to enjoyhimself here at the campsite.

Download Hilbert and colour him