Welcome to Vesterlyng Camping!

Vesterlyng Camping is beautifully situated by the beach and great outdoor experiences - right next to Sejerøbugten.
It makes us an ideal base for both fun, exciting, natural, cultural and child-friendly outings.

Vesterlyng Camping is located just in the middle of your adventures!

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Kids Only

At Vesterlyng Camping you can have loads of fun and it is the very right place to make new friends.


Gypsy Days

Vesterlyng Camping has in the last almost ten years been the setting for one of the largest Gypsy Jazz events.



Welcome to Django Jazz & Gypsy Days at Vesterlyng - in the Sprit of Django Reinhardt

Vesterlyng Camping has during last decade been the location for one of the largest Gypsy Jazz events in Denmark, and been visited by many of the big Danish and International Django Reinhardt interpreters. Relaxed atmosphere, opportunities to meet and greet and of course to take part in the two day programme, spiced up with jamsessions inside and outside the tent. The event normally attract plenty of both professional and amateur musicians, and both new and old jazz freaks from Denmark and abroad.


PROGRAMME FOR 2014 (August 29 - 31)

Friday August 29:

19.30 Vi Unge (DK) featuring Tom McEwan and Finn Poulsen.

21.30 Nils Solberg (UK). One of Britain's most skilled guitar players, who's played with them all incl. Bryan Ferry, Ralph McTell, Gary Potter and Georgie Fame. www.nilssolberg.com


Saturday August 30:

19.30 Jacob Fischer (DK) One of the best Django style/jazz guitar players www.jacobfischer.dk

21.30 Popy Basily Trio (NL). Popy Basily is second to none and brings Gino Basily and Fritz Brabant to another memorable evening - check them out here



Entrance Friday and Saturday: Adults DKK 200/Children (up to 12 yrs) DKK 125 per night.

Weekendticket - camping in either caravan or tent, tickets both evening and electricity and pitchfee - DKK 599.


Django Reinhardt (1910-1953)

574px-Django Reinhardt Gottlieb 07301

The guitarist Jean Babtiste Reinhardt, who was born in a gypsy caravan in 1910, is one of jazz history's most remarkable and important guitarists. He was originally from Belgium, but lived most of his life in France, where he was known by his stage name Django Reinhardt.

In 1930s Paris was Django the first European musician who got jazz homeland, the United States, to take an interest in European jazz music. It happened because of his musical style and creative originality that was exposed in the 854 recordings, he managed to produce in the period 1928 to 1953.

With its brilliant and unorthodox two-finger guitar technique was Django with Charlie Christian one of the pioneers in the creation of the modern jazz guitar as we know it today. He helped to locate the guitar position in jazz from being rhythm and harmony instrument to a solo instrument on an equal footing with other instruments such as trumpet, clarinet and saxophone.

Django reached in his career playing and recording with such prominent and pioneering musicians like Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, Coleman Hawkins, Rex Stewart, Benny Carter and Eddie South.

Unlike other pioneers of jazz Django was not American but European, and first and foremost gypsy, which played a major role throughout his life and his musical perception. He is best known for his collaboration with Stéphane Grappelli violisten and their joint orchestra Quintette you Hot Club de France. The orchestra, which only consisted of stringed instruments, has since founded a school for the style for posterity was called Gypsy Jazz, Strings Wing, Jazz Manouche or gypsy jazz in Danish.


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