Welcome to Vesterlyng Camping!

Vesterlyng Camping is beautifully situated by the beach and great outdoor experiences - right next to Sejerøbugten.
It makes us an ideal base for both fun, exciting, natural, cultural and child-friendly outings.

Vesterlyng Camping is located just in the middle of your adventures!

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This Weeks Offer

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Kids Only

At Vesterlyng Camping you can have loads of fun and it is the very right place to make new friends.


Gypsy Days

Vesterlyng Camping has in the last almost ten years been the setting for one of the largest Gypsy Jazz events.


The café is open to everyone from April to November. We welcome you in a cozy and family friendly environment in the cafe - and on the terrace when the weather is fine.

The whole family can get food, whether you are for "grandmother hit" or modern café food, our classic Parisian Luxury burger. Today's the "satiety guarantee" at reasonable prices. For the youngest we've obviously adjusted portion sizes.

Quality food

We use seasonal quality ingredients, preferably from the local area and would like organic, whenever possible. We have also Gallowaymeat to beef tartar and luxury burgers - and complements all summer with fresh plaice.